Quantas is diode pumped, fully air-cooled (no water), Q-switched laser designed for wide range of applications that require low pulse repetition rate and high peak power pulses (Q1D model produces ~6 MW peak power).
Typical applications are Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Light Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (LIF), laser ablation, remote sensing and many others.
Less than 8 ns pulse duration allows efficient fundamental wavelength conversion to higher harmonics with shortest wavelength available of 211 nm. Wavelength extensions into infrared range (by use of OPO) are available by request.
Quantas is completely air cooled laser due its excellent wall-plug efficiency. Liquids are not used for heat transfer, as result, maintenance associated with regular replacements of cooling liquid and/or cleaning of cooling system is not required.
Low jitter triggering pulses for user equipment are available with up to 450 µs lead in internal triggering mode. If required, laser pulsing can be externally triggered from delay generator, allowing operation in single-shot or variable pulse repetition modes.
Laser controller has Ethernet (Wifi is optional) interface for convenient monitoring and control from personal computer.


  • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy (TOFS)
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Spectroscopy
  • Flash photolysis
  • Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization (MALDI)
  • Pulsed light deposition (PLD)
  • Remote sensing
  • Laser ablation

 Specifications 1)

Model Quantas
Wavelength 1053 nm 2)
Pulse energy
Fundamental 10 mJ 20 mJ 40 mJ
527 nm 5 mJ 10mJ 20 mJ
351 nm 3 mJ 6 mJ 12 mJ
263 nm 1.5 mJ 3 mJ 6 mJ
211 nm 0.5 mJ 1 mJ 2 mJ
Pulse repetition rate     Single shot – 10 Hz 3)
Pulse duration < 8 ns  4)
Pulse-to-pulse energy
< 0.5 % rms 5)
Power drift ± 3% 6)
Beam profile Nearly TEM00 Bell-shaped,
> 75 % fit to Gaussian
Beam divergence 7)
< 2 mrad < 1.5 mrad
Beam diameter, typical 8)  1.5 mm 2 mm 2.5 mm
Polarization Linear, horizontal at 1053 nm
Optical jitter < 1 ns rms 9)
Laser head (W x L x H) 113 × 230 × 112 mm3
Harmonic generator (W x L x H) 113 × 242 × 112 mm3
Controller unit (W x L x H) 85 × 165 × 50 mm3
Power adapter, typical
(W x L x H)
50 × 125 × 32 mm3
Operation environment 15-30°C, 10-80% humidity (non-condensing),
90-230 VAC, 30 W, 47-63 Hz 10)

1) The parameters marked typical are not specifications. They are indications of typical performance and might vary unit-to-unit. Unless stated otherwise all specifications are measured at 1053 nm at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate.
2) 1064 nm output wavelength models are available. For detailed specifications please check here.
3) Factory-set pulse repetition rate is fixed at 10 Hz. Single shot or variable pulse repetition rate is possible when laser is externally triggered. Higher rep. rates are available, please inquire for details.
4) FWHM level at 1053 nm. Pulse durations as short as 3 ns are available by request. Please inquire for detailed specifications.
5) Averaged from 500 pulses.
6) Over 8 hour period after 20 minutes of warm-up when ambient temperature variation is less than ±2 °C.
7) Full angle measured at 1/e2 level.
8) Beam diameter is measured 20 cm from laser output at 1/e
2 level.
9) In respect to Q-switch triggering edge of the pulse.
10) Laser can be powered from appropriate 12 VDC power source. Please inquire for details.